Mujer e inmigración


Mujer de la República Dominicana que llega a España con 13 años. Al llegar se encuentra con que su manera de ir a la escuela es diferente porque tiene que utilizar el transporte público, además, acostumbrada a estudiar en la casa de alguna amiga, aquí lo hacía sola. Destaca que la apartaron del resto de la clase metiéndole en un aula con otros 8 alumnos los cuales también eran inmigrantes por su bajo nivel en los estudios.

I came from the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, at the age of 13 to start high school. When I got here my life changed a lot. One of the things that affected me was that I had to take the bus to start the school and in Santo Domingo I used to go walking in a group with my classmates; and here I found that I had to go to the institute by bus because it was far from where I lived, and well, it was basically on a mountain and we had to go by bus. Another thing that affected me was that in Santo Domingo I used to do my homework with my classmates, at one of their houses we all got together to do our homework and then we stayed playing, talking, or that type of things, you know? So that, when I got there it was different, I didn’t do that anymore. When I first started in a class with 30 students.Then, the following week, I found that they had changed me to another class and put me in one with 9 students. We were all from abroad and we were 9 in total, we were all immigrants. And the truth is that it shocked me a bit because I used to be always in big clases. And there, with 9 people, the class was a bit small and well, it seemed a bit strange to me, you know? Then, I realized that they put me there because we had a lower level of study because we came from abroad, of course, and well, the truth is that it was a little different from what I was used to in my country

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Video: Mujer e inmigración
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