About the Occupational Narratives Database

The Occupational Narratives Database provides a platform for people to share their digital story about occupations that are meaningful for them. The varied stories broaden our perspectives of occupation and enhance our sense of belonging to the global community. Together, we can increase the global knowledge of the meaning of everyday “doing” or occupations of people in a variety of contexts and environments from a range of ages, backgrounds and ability levels. The introductory video provides more information about how you can use and contribute to the Occupational Narratives Database.

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This Database will allow you to engage and interact in different ways:


Look at the different narratives in the Database. Reflect on the diverse occupations that give meaning to people’s lives. Consider how the digital stories highlight the relationship of occupation and wellbeing, and barriers that prevent participation and result in occupational deprivation.


Using the upload instructions, and after watching the instructional videos, you can record and upload an occupational narrative on the following page. In this way, you will be making your contribution to the collective stories of “how and why we do” in the world.

Contact us

If you have any questions or wish to know more about this evolving Database, you can contact us at admin@wfot.org