Tell your story

Thank you for your desire to contribute your story to this digital collection.

Being a participant in this project will provide you with a link to the occupational therapy community around the world and for students, it represents a unique learning opportunity. In order to make the most of your experience of contributing, we have prepared a series of resources to assist you.

Watch our “how to” video below and meet a member of the team, occupational therapist Mike Jarrey, in Belgium!

How-To Video


Digital stories will be no more than 4 minutes in length and address the following questions either by self-narration or as facilitated by an interviewer:

  • WHO are you/your group? (As much as you are comfortable sharing)
  • WHERE are you located? (As much as is appropriate/comfortable. For example: at my or someone else’s home: in a workplace: in a private or publicly funded institutional setting; in a religious organisation; in a local community setting or facility; in the natural environment; in a civic or public space)
  • WHAT do you DO that is meaningful to you? (for example; caring for a pet: preparing/cooking/sharing food; teaching children; working in nature/the garden; working in IT or being a computer “gamer”; creative writing; volunteering; playing a musical instrument; being a friend; doing art or craftwork of any type; being a parent or carer; running a small business; being a worker/professional of any type )
  • HOW do you do this (Basic outline, not too much technical information) or what PREVENTS you from doing this at present and what is that like?)
  • WHY is it meaningful to you? (personal/social/cultural/economic reasons)

Ready to tell your story?

Contribute your story to the collection of “how and why we do” in the world.