Leitura, pandemia e cotidiano

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Relato de uma atividade que é muito presente na minha vida e quis compartilhar com outros terapeutas ocupacionais, profissionais e estudantes. A importância da leitura antes e durante a pandemia.

Hello, I’m Bruna, I’m an Occupational Therapy student at the Federal University of Pelotas and in this video, I chose to talk about reading, which is an activity with a lot of meaning to me. I’m recording this video in my room, in my house, which’s located in the city of Pelotas, southern Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Since I was little I always loved to read and experience the different situations that reading can provide us through our imagination and our creativity and when I was a child I loved the books in the Vagalume collection like the ones that are appearing on the screen for you. As I grew up my taste changed, the authors changed and the type of reading changed too, but reading has never lost its place in my life and I know it has brought me many benefits, such as improved speech, better writing, but also improved imagination, creativity, and exploration in different areas of my life. Spending more time at home, as a result of the pandemic, I could see that reading is much more than just the act of reading and that it builds us as individuals. It influences our opinion, our point of view, our work, it influences our practice also within the profession, and reading is not made by a specific genre or by a specific book. If you like to read an article, a thesis, or a paper but don’t like a book, well, you like to read, you just read different things. And no one is forced to read a book that is trending or a book that everyone likes. Read what you like, but realize that reading will bring you many benefits! That’s it, I chose to talk about reading because throughout my journey I’ve only noticed benefits and I hope you’ll notice those same benefits too! Kisses and thank you!

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Video: Leitura, pandemia e cotidiano
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