Experiencia de una estudiante de Ingeniería Informática en la Universidad de A Coruña

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En este vídeo se muestra la visión de una estudiante de Ingeniería Informática en la Universidad de A Coruña, en España, a lo largo de la carrera. Además, cuenta cómo está siendo su rol de estudiante de un Máster que está realizando actualmente, también en A Coruña.
Este vídeo lo llevaron a cabo alumnas del grado de Terapia Ocupacional, como parte de la asignatura de Estancias Prácticas VIII, de la Universidad de A Coruña, España

Hello, I´m Miriam, I´m 22 years old, I´m from a village called Cariño and I studied Computer Engineering Degree at the Faculty of A Coruña. I am currently studying a master’s degree in the same career. It’s an enabling master and I dedicate approximately three hours a day to class hours, which I have from 17:00 pm to 20:00 pm and also with the jobs we have, maybe more at the end of the quarter, but distributing, I think that 1 or 2 hours a day greater than those I already dedicate to classes. I also combine it with working. I chose to study this career because I have always liked maths a lot, I hesitated a lot between the maths license and this career, but since I liked the practical part much more, it was recommended to me, and in the end I decided on it. I´m very happy with my occupation. Regarding the role of women, I have to say that we are very few girls. I was in the English group, so there were only two of us, me and another girl. At some point, perhaps seeing you a little helpless in the midst of so many boys, it’s a more or less common situation. I have to say that in the faculty they have created a group of girls to feel a little more sheltered and to which you can join. In general, it shows a bit in the selection of practices, now it happened to me with an award from a TFG, if you see the nominees are all boys. It’s a bit the dynamic of the whole race, most of them are men, but I’m very happy and I have a very good relationship with most of my teammates.

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Video: Experiencia de una estudiante de Ingeniería Informática en la Universidad de A Coruña
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