We cook together!

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Cooking produced by ENARXIS – THERAPY CENTER (Έναρξις – Κέντρο Παιδιατρικής Εργοθεραπείας & Λογοθεραπείας) organized and supervised by Mrs Sotia Michael, Occupational Therapist, Limassol, Cyprus.

Hello, my name is Pavlina, I am from Cyprus and I am a pharmacist. I have been married for 6 years and I have a little boy, Dorotheos. Because of my workload I have limited hours to spend with my baby. I am trying to spend these hours with him creatively by making things that we both enjoy such as meals and desserts cause as I mentioned these are things that we really like, and we are having a great time making these stuff together. I believe having a nice and creative time with your child, makes it happy, helps develop its skills, feel useful, and happy by doing these things. In my occasion, my baby loves to make meals and desserts, he tastes all kinds of food and he waits with an excitement from his dad to also taste it and receive an applause such as ‘’Good job!! They are so tasty!!’’. Sometimes he (my son) says to me ‘’This is such a good dessert; we made it once and I think this time is going to be tasty and smell like vanilla’’. He enjoys cooking and baking just like me. I wish I could have more time to spend with my baby and make him happier, but I chose a challenging profession. Therefore, with the time that I am given I am trying to make him happy, creative, do things that he likes, and enjoy the time that he spends with his mum.

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Video: We cook together!
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